As you can see on my “About” page, I am an assistant professor of English at John Carroll University, on the east side of Cleveland. I briefly kept a blog (with a similar handle) as a grad student, but rather than resurrect that blog, I’m moving over to the much nicer interface at WordPress! I maintain a daily, personal journal, but in an effort to keep track of and further develop the little scholarly ideas that come to me on occasion, and to ensure that I do at least a bit of professionally focused writing every day, I’ll be using this blog to explore ideas that are on my mind. That’s not to say that I will post here every day, but when I have not done at least a reasonable amount of writing (or revising) on a given day, then I will try to post something here.

Over the next week, I’ll likely post some thoughts on navigating books, on accents (or the perception thereof), and on a couple of courses that I’m hoping to teach in Spring 2014.


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